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Rhythmizer Ultra

Rhythmizer Ultra

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VST3/AU | Generate infinite, randomised MIDI with advanced control over groove, melody, dynamics and epic CC manipulation in your DAW
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A single note, a universe of sound.

  • 1 | Draw a MIDI Note

    Feed Rhythmizer a single note in your key of choice to process in realtime

  • 2 | Tweak the flow

    Get busy in a playground of melodic, rhythmic and modulation options

  • 3 | Let it Fly

    Rhythmizer generates infinite random ideas to your settings. Record to MIDI or audio to edit further.

Magazine Feature
“There is a lot of fun to be had with Rhythmizer Ultra, a cool little plug-in capable of generating all sorts of MIDI-based musical inspiration.”
Beat Magazine Feature
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“The possibilities are huge, the fun factor is great and the promised sound universe really works!”
Feature icon Generates infinite randomised MIDI
Feature icon Tweak scale and rhythm probabilities
Feature icon New: Generate harmony with Poly Stack mode
Feature icon New: Ergonomic Step Sequencer
Feature icon Advanced LFO pitch bending with Bend Mode
Feature icon Random gating and velocity
Feature icon MIDI Loop button!
Feature icon Assign randomized MIDI CC messages
Feature icon Check DAW compatibility at bottom of page

All new in Ultra

  • Custom Scales

    Choose from an extensive list of built-in scales or build your own in any key. The Chroma scale works perfectly with samplers - the device will choose sampler cells at random.

  • Poly Stacking

    Turn single notes into chord-based polyphonic journeys, adding layers of harmonic complexity to transform melodies into electric, scale-focused soundscapes

  • Step Sequencer

    Want to keep things to your groove? You'll love the ergonomic new step sequencer, including our Random Step slider!

  • CC Mapping

    Map randomized CC to virtually any synthesizer parameter with four dedicated map slots, offering precise, real-time modulation for unparalleled control of your synth's architecture.

  • NEW - Drag to MIDI

    Ultra Update 1.1 | Drag everything you just heard from the triangles in Rhythmizer's logo straight into your DAW.

  • NEW - Pitch Hang

    Ultra Update 1.1 | Generate 'repeater' delay style glitches on chosen Groove notes.

  • Record and edit

    Rhythmizer Ultra is merely a starting point. It fires infinite random ideas and inspiration for your curation.

    Record the device's output to MIDI and keep editing in your DAW.

  • Ready to rock

    Mac and PC users, everyone's looked after - Rhythmizer comes in VST3 and AU.

    The device is compatible with almost all major DAWs (check compatibility below) and can send MIDI to anything that receives it: your synths, samplers...even hardware!

  • CPU Optimised

    Open up as many instances as you like - you'll barely see an effect on your CPU. In testing, opening ten instances at once barely hit 1% draw.

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Gamma Sutra
Great grooves that put the "organic" back into sequencing!

Really loving Rhythmizer Ultra as the perfect counterpoint to my more traditional "lock step" sequencers. Super helpful, creative and useful musical idea and composition tool! Thanks!

Brilliant bit of kit!

Psytrance to ambient pads or a standard arps, this is an incredible tool to enhance your creativity.
It's just what you need to add flavour to your tracks!
It has a learning curve but when you get there & are taking advantage of what this has to offer this tool will offer a really nice work flow!

Thanks for that awesome review FallenLeaf, it's great to hear you're getting the most out of Rhythmizer!


Garry Roche

Best purchase in a very long time ,can do so much with this instrument. Definitely would say it's worth every penny 😃🔥

Hey Garry, thanks a ton for the awesome feedback - we're stoked that you're loving Rhythmizer.

Stay tuned and keep rocking!



Great product, does amazing things for a very good price.

John Doe

It's dope love your work

Thanks John, enjoy Ultra!


Sounds great, what do I get inside?

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Device Summary

Rhythmizer generates infinite random notes from one long MIDI note.

Dial in chance-based randomness for groove, melody, velocity and note length plus CC mapping. Push to new levels with Poly Stacking, a step sequencer and Drag to MIDI.

Please check DAW Compatibility (below)


Rhythmizer Ultra VST3 / AU

• PC and Mac installers

• Compatible for most DAWs and MIDI devices - see compatibility section below

• MIDI Maps for Serum, Diva, Pigments and Vital

• Comprehensive Manual

• Customer-stamped PDF

Check DAW Compatibility


Windows 10 / Mac OS 10.11 or higher (inc M1)


Rhythmizer is compatible with a wide range of DAWs that support MIDI routing between channels and the VST3 format.

We've optimized it for integration with major DAWs like Live 11, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, Bitwig, Reaper, and Studio One.

Additionally, we have many satisfied customers using Rhythmizer successfully in other DAWs as well.

Known Limitations

  • FL Studio

FL Studio does not support Bend Mode at this time

  • Live

We recommend Live 11, as Bend Mode and CC Mapping are not supported in Live 10, and Live 9 does not support VST3 at all.

  • Reason

Reason is not compatible with Rhythmizer due to its lack of essential MIDI re-routing capabilities.

  • Bitwig

Ensure CLAP version is installed and Note FX version used (since Ultra update 1.1)

• Rhythmizer is not available for Pro Tools at this time.

As Always

✔ Instant Digital Download

✔ 100% Royalty-free

✔ Own for life 

Please note VAT is applied to all EU purchases by law and varies depending on the country of purchase. As per our terms and conditions, we cannot offer refunds on digital downloads as they cannot be returned. We also do not offer support for users of cracked DAWs.

The bottom line.

If you're all about pushing boundaries and love a bit of controlled chaos in your tracks, this is your next studio upgrade. Ultra's built to take your randomness game to the next level - think endless grooves, controllable yet unpredictable melodies, and some serious MIDI CC wizardry

Try Rhythmizer Ultra to bring a controllable layer of random-generated adventures to your next track.

Drag to MIDI after playback
Build harmony with Poly Stacking
Capture instant MIDI loops
Rock that Step Sequencer

Try the demo

Want to give it a spin before buying? Download the fully-functional demo here

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