I guess we're a bit obsessive here. Every time we put something new out, I get this feeling that we have to prove ourselves all over again. We refine and finesse until everything is something we're proud to call ours.

I love the idea of someone installing their new Futurephonic product, playing with it for the first time, or watching one of our classes, and just thinking...yes. This is the stuff I've been looking for.

Some of the packs are my own and I work closely with the other artists whose work we sell, all of whom I have become friends with in the process.

Thanks for checking out the site today, and let me know if you have any questions!

Alex Story

  • Our Mission

    Here at Futurephonic our mission is to provide Psychedelic Trance producers, from beginner to advanced, with the highest quality tools to truly elevate your sound

    This genre calls for rigorous standards and complex techniques. We call on our knowledge and the experience of the scene's biggest artists to provide you an unbeatable standard in the game

  • Our Promise

    It makes it all worth it to see that our customers recognize our dedication to the craft. We work for months on each of our products, from the Masterclasses to soundsets, to deliver groundbreaking new releases

    We know you're putting in the work, so we are here to help you get the results you deserve

  • Here to Help

     Professionalism is a priority for us, with a focus on offering friendly service - and we love building relationships with our students and customers.