• "My music teacher and I have been working through the Waio masterclass weekly. We're so impressed by your attention to detail and production values. I've learnt so much."

    Sanjay Nandam

  • I just finished watching MixTransformers. Your work is absolutely amazing, video editing superb, everything straight to the point, serious education yet with funny moments and a laid back. Nik really pushed that track to the next level, and I’m feeling inspired already.

    Jamie Benson (Devon, UK)

  • Expanding the sub by sidechaining to mid/high frequencies is genius! Automating the level to only affect the overlapping note is brilliant, a truly having your cake and eating it moment. Another top drawer release from Futurephonic! 

    Pieter Limberger / Hypometric (London, UK)

  • Futurephonic content is in a league of its own. As a complete beginner to music production, the vastness of content available from various sources was overwhelming, with everyone claiming to be the ‘best, original and cutting-edge’. 

    Thankfully, the first penny I spent was with Futurephonic, and I have never felt the need to look elsewhere. The quality of the Masterclasses, with producers who I consider to be an inspiration, have all been remarkable creations and invaluable to such an anxious beginner, whilst the sound-sets, again, are absolutely unbelievable quality. 

    John Welch

  • I wanna thank you for your massive work. It helps me a lot - really. 

    I started from zero and i learned (and will learn) so much from your course - you can't imagine.

    It helps me so much to make my tracks sound really much better (and really it change my music - make it able to be signed on Iono music and Perfecto).

    Sorry - you must here this kind of story all the time but without Futurephonic, i think i will not be able to be where I am today (even if I am still a little artist)


  • I have to admit that there were many online tutorials and helloing guides during this past period where we were all 'locked' in our houses!

    What really helped me was Futurephonic! And not just one tutorial or a single sample package, but in general with the many targeted things for my kind of music as well as well selected speakers and producers to offer knowledge and skills!

    Thank you Alex & Futurephonic team!

    Charalambos Pieris / CLAW

  • The preset packs from Futurephonic are one of those very rare gems, that instantly inspire with their amazing sound design.

    Whenever i feel stuck in a production, or when I have no inspiration for new sounds, I always browse through their sounds first, and 9 out of 10 times, I find something that helps me to finish what i started.

    As a cherry on top of all that, their master classes are one of the best video materials on the subject matter. Keep it coming, I always lookout for the next release.

    Aeon Cosmowyn

  • Futurephonic masterclasses have helped me source the knowledge I need to process my sounds to an internationally recognised level of quality. 

    I highly recommend Futurephonic to any producer, from beginner to professional, as I believe there’s something for everybody in their masterclasses.

    Luke Hays / Metaflux (Perth, Australia)

  • Well done Alex. 

    I think MixTransformers is your best masterclass yet. Nikolai is very clear and concise in his explanations. 

    Lots of valuable material here.

    Nick Sireau

  • I gotta say, Future Psychedelic is amazing, you really nailed it this time. Really great tips all along and getting to learn more and more about your methods with using Serum's macros is just mind expanding. 

    It inspired me so much with creating even more complex, multi layered sounds. Thanks a lot for everything! Keep up the amazing work!

    Jonathan Morgan

  • Without you I felt like giving up producing Psytrance because it is my side job or a hobby. But when you guys showed up you restored my faith. I hope I can soon make something to release, I have so much to tell in Psytrance Music, I grew up with Psytrance. 

    Respect to you all and your team!

    Jovan Ivanovski (Austria)

  • I found Futurephonic in 2017 and their artist insights, the info on music creation and videos are incredible! 

    Always look forward to their next installment in the arts and craft of Psychedelic electronic music and a massive thumbs up in my opinion.

    Gregg Sonic (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • High quality Psychedelic samples, presets and tutorials for any producer. Made by very talented and super nice people. 

    Much love to all of you!

    Matt Kyriakides / Contineum (London, UK)

  • I have been an autodidact learning mostly from futurephonic classes and I have bought your samples and presets ever since you started releasing them. 

    Fast forward two years: I'm releasing music in labels like Digital Om, Iono and soon in Sacred Technology a remix contest I was chosen as one of the winners. I can't thank you enough for how much I've learned from your masterclasses.

    Francisco Manzano (Italy)

  • If there was ever a class I could recommend it would only be Futurephonic, and all similar companies should take note on what these guys are doing because they are leagues ahead of all of them. The information is invaluable, and I feel like they actually care to give you real topics and the help you need to achieve high quality production, as well as taking the time to go into the smaller details that make the biggest difference. 

    They are always making sure you are getting more than your money’s worth.

    Dylan Loera / ETHR-L (California, USA)