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Future Psychedelic - Secrets of Sound Design

Future Psychedelic - Secrets of Sound Design

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  • Elevate your synth skills

    My sound banks Infinite Structure sand Echotronics changed the game with their ultimate Psychedelic macros and polished delivery. 

    Focusing mostly on Xfer Serum and Sylenth1, I'll show you how I set up my classic sounds and macros from scratch.

  • Get inside the sample packs

    I take you inside the original Cubase projects for many of my samples, and show you how and why they work, from synth setup, through the MIDI and the processing. 

    Through unpacking the sounds, you'll get a unique look at the layering that makes these famous samples come alive.

  • Creative Process

    False starts, blank screens and self-doubt are something that I had to overcome to become a successful sound designer, catering to the Psytrance scene's demanding standards.

    From the psychological to the motivational, let's push through that.

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1.0 | Studio Tour

Alex guides Patrick around his studio in London and shares his experience in maximizing creative workflow and musical productivity.

2.0 | Creative Child

Am I doing this the right way? Am I missing a big secret?

Alex and Patrick philosophize about the creative process and overcoming trepidation with music production. 

3.0 | Macro Contro

From beat repeaters to negative resonance filtering, Alex demonstrates how to program and fine-tune intelligent macro controls for mind-warping and evolving sounds.

4.0 | The Great Replicator

Recreating your favourite synth patches in another synth is a great technique for sharpening your synthesis skills.

In this chapter, Alex and Patrick recreate a famous preset from Sylenth1 in XFER Serum.

5.0 | Space Fillers

No psytrance track would be complete without ‘space fillers’, those secondary sounds which provide an evolving bed for our leads.

In this chapter, Alex designs an FM patch before manipulating the sound with a variety of filters and FX.

6.0 | Psy FX

Alex walks us through his favourite psychedelic FX plugins and demonstrates their unlimited creative potential.

7.0 | Patch from Scratch

Often asked how the first two synth banks were made, Alex creates a patch from scratch and explains the factors which inform his decision-making process.

8.0 | Into the Sample Packs

In this chapter, Alex returns to the original Cubase projects in which he designed some of Sonic Formations' and Echotronics' most popular sounds.

9.0 | Inspiration Generation

Stuck in a loop with your latest track?

In this final chapter, Alex and Patrick delve into methods for generating inspiration and ideas to get your tracks finished.

  • "Alex is one of the best Psytrance sound designers out there, and his class is a real investment into your production"

    Gustavo | Burn in Noise

  • "Alex's class is a goldmine of inspiration! Psy producers, this one will seriously up your production!"

    Haim & Guy | Outsiders

  • "I just want to thank you - I'm watching your new masterclass on sound design and man!! I've learned so many tips by now. REALLY inspiring and exciting!"


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Quick tip

One way Alex likes to get a deep, 3D pad sound is by breaking up the notes of a chord onto individual synths.

How about a four-note chord, spread across four synths?

class details

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Chapters and Length

9 Chapters | Running time: 6 hours 23 minutes


• Sound design

• Psychedelic synthesis

• Custom sample packs

• Studio motivation


Professionally edited Full HD video, Streaming only



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