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Complete Bass Bundle

Complete Bass Bundle

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Bundle | Every single bass sample and preset from every product in our store
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An extensive collection of over 50 high quality Psytrance basses from across our sample packs and soundsets
  • Come together

    With nearly 50 products across the Futurephonic store, we've amassed quite a collection of top-notch Psytrance basses.

    Now, get them all in one definitive collection.

  • The Samples

    From the now-famous Chrome Bass in Sonic Formations, through Future Geometrics, the entire Foundations series and more, get access to an extensive library of multi-sampled bass kits.

  • The Presets

    On top of all the leads, the Burn in Noise Serum bank had a couple killer basses. So we nicked them for this bundle.

    You also get all the basses from Echotronics and Infinite Structures, as well as the Chrome Sylenth preset.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

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Every bass kit or bass preset from our Futurephonic sample packs and synthbanks - 56 in total

Burn in Noise

This is my Serum

• Smoke of Dreams Bass

• Psy Burn

This is my Sound (ANA2)

• Burn Bass 1-3

• Squander Bass

Foundations by Virtual Light and Scorb

• Alien Nation Bass

• Artificial Bass

• Bionic Bass

• Blazed Bass

• Cthulhu Bass

• Hive Mind Bass

• IntelliBeat Bass

• Quad Bass

• Raw Saw Bass

• Zero1 Bass

Bass Trilogy by Alex Story

• Elements Bass

• Kaleida Bass

• Sonic Impact Bass

Futurephonic Sample Packs

Future Geometrics

• Origin Bass

• Radius Bass

• Sphere Bass

• Vertex Bass

Sonic Formations

• Chrome Bass (sample and preset)

• Earth Bass

• Flow Bass

• Liquid Bass

Futurephonic for Serum

Echotronics for Serum

• Colour Bass

• Hum Bass

• Maths Bass (layer)

• Noise Bass (layer)

• Quantum Bass

Infinite Structures

• Chronic Bass

• Chug Driver

• Electra (Layer)

• Juggernaut (Layer)

• Junkheap Bass

• Knife Bass (layer)

• Silver Bass

• Slice Bass

• Space Bass

• Stor Bass

Virtual Light

Source Code

• Ace of Bass

• Bean Bass

• Databass

• Illuminaughty Bass

• Just Another Psy Bass

• Killer Bass

• Sausage Party

• Virtual A

• Virtual Bass

Souce Code 2.0

• Butter Fingers Bass

• Cornholio Bass

• Godzilla Bass

• Le Boeuf Bass

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